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The Lodis Forum Advisory
At The Lodis Forum, we believe that all women deserve a network of likeminded peers, especially those women who are going it alone as entrepreneurs. That is why we have formed The Lodis Forum Advisory. Female entrepreneurs can bring their business challenges and opportunities to an advisory panel, selected from our experience-rich members, to gain insights, build networks, find resources, and solve problems. What you will get from The Lodis Forum Advisory

  • A tailored Advisory panel curated from our extraordinary members at The Lodis Forum to focus on your entrepreneurial challenge or opportunity
  • Introductions to individuals in The Lodis Forum or our extended networks to help further your business
  • 90 minutes of undivided attention from our members to focus on you
  • Ongoing resources, support, and network introductions
If you are interested in submitting your business challenge for consideration, please fill out the following.

If your application is accepted, we will form an advisory panel tailored to your specific business challenges and opportunities. All advisory panel members will sign a confidentiality agreement and applicants will be asked to provide additional business information, which may include a case study/background document, supplemental materials, and a clear business challenge or opportunity for discussion.

“My counseling session with the Lodis Forum once again re-affirmed my belief that when you have more than one woman problem solving the result is nothing short of miraculous. I am a classic entrepreneur that can get so wrapped up in my business, I have challenges untangling myself to get to clarity. Well, the Lodis Forum brought clarity. Specifically, every woman on the call had a different area of expertise, including IP, financial services, creative debt financing, financial analysis, and operations.

I have never had more fun getting critical feedback. It was an incredibly positive experience”

Marsha McVicker