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Why did we form The Lodis Forum?

Research has shown that women are less likely to hold leadership positions in the board room, and yet, if a woman is in a board leadership role, there is a greater likelihood of board diversity. There is conclusive evidence that diversity in the boardroom improves a company’s performance. Only 5% of public companies have female board chairs, and there is almost no data about women in board leadership roles. The Lodis Forum aims to change that.

What is The Lodis Forum?

The Lodis Forum is a peer group exclusively for women who are Board Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Lead Directors, and Committee Chairs focusing on governance excellence, peer exchange, research, and advocacy.

  • Governance Excellence: Provide resources and insight to support leadership excellence
  • Peer Exchange: Build a supportive network of women who are experiencing similar challenges
  • Research: Conduct research on board leadership diversity
  • Advocacy: Create awareness about the lack of diversity in these critical leadership roles

Who Can Be a Member?

We are the only forum exclusively connecting female Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Lead Directors, and Committee Chairs, or named successors of for-profit firms. The power of our “collective” is both inspirational and unique.

What is the purpose of The Lodis Forum?

Female Board Chairs are few and far between. At The Lodis Forum, we believe that no one should do this job alone. Our primary purpose is to support our members in the pursuit of governance excellence, as it is the primary goal of a Chairman, regardless of gender. Secondarily, we focus on creating peer support and a network of like-minded women who are Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Lead Directors, or Committee Chairs. Lastly, we focus on research and advocacy. We believe that board diversity is paramount, and putting women in board leadership roles is critical to support diversity efforts.

What is the group size?

We currently have over 55 members in The Lodis Forum from public, private equity, ESOP, closely-held, and family-owned businesses from across the United States, UK, and Australia. As long as members meet the criteria, we will continue to add women to our ranks. Our virtual meeting format is not limited to size.

What is the format?

Each month we offer an Expert Series Webinar with an esteemed presenter or panel, or a peer roundtable session where fellow members share governance best practices and share governance challenges we face in the board room. Both quarterly sessions offer opportunities to share and learn in a transparent and trusted environment where all to speak openly. We believe our collective voices will be uniquely suited to elevate a public conversation about Women on Company boards – and defiantly as Chairs, Vice- Chairs, Lead Directors, and Committee Chairs.

  • Governance Excellence: We host monthly Expert Speaker Webinars on curated topics that we, as a forum, assign and deem important. Sessions include a presentation from a subject matter expert, followed by small breakout rooms to review to discuss key takeaways and implementation strategies.
  • Peer Roundtables: Where the collective comes to shine! Members bring governance challenges and opportunities to the forum for discussion and support in facilitated breakout sessions.
  • Annual In-Person Symposium: The first Lodis Forum Symposium took place in October 2022 in Chicago. Mark your calendar for September 20 & 21 for the 2023 Symposium.

What else is included in The Lodis Forum?

  • Each participant will have one-on-one coaching/advisory sessions available to them.
  • Members will have access to the members-only website to find information, ask questions, join special interest groups, and connect with peers.
  • Members will have access to previously recorded expert series sessions and materials.
  • Members receive:
    • Board opportunities and prospectuses
    • Curated articles and research on various topics, including board compensation, board strategy, CEO succession, etc.
    • A subscription to Directors and Board Magazine
    • Blogs on topics of importance to the membership
    • Podcast series highlighting our members: Women in Board Leadership
    • Board opportunities and prospectuses

What will you get as a member of The Lodis Forum?

  • You will gain insights and solutions to challenges you face as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Lead Director, and Committee Chair
  • You will have a place to come for governance excellence, support, accountability, idea sharing, and a strong network of like-minded women
  • You will develop relationships with women like you, who are Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Lead Directors

What is the investment?

  • Annual membership dues are $2,500 and include all monthly Expert Series programs, peer group discussions, and countless resources.