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There is conclusive evidence that diversity in the boardroom improves a company’s performance. Research has shown that women are less likely to hold leadership positions in the board room, and yet, if a woman is in a board leadership role, there is a greater likelihood of board diversity.

Only 5% of public companies have female board chairs, and there is almost no data about women in company board leadership roles. The Lodis Forum aims to change that.

What our members are saying...

“It is refreshing to interact with Women Board Chairs in a deliberate, meaningful way to share ideas, provide feedback, develop solutions and create support. I have found Lodis Forum to be a rewarding and beneficial experience.”

Jill Marcotte
Partner, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Dealer Tire

“In my first meeting, I met true peers and valuable resource partners for helping in my role as Board Chair. I have shared handouts from the speakers with everyone on my board and am starting a different kind of dialogue about effective board meetings.”

Sara Hamilton
Founder and Family Advisor, Family Office Exchange

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